The Centre for Leadership & Governance (CLG) is a non-profit initiative in policy space by alumni of BITS-Pilani & Indian School of Business. We are building a platform for the youth to actively engage in policy making and contribute to nation-building. We strongly believe in the philosophy of ‘what gets measured, get done’ and follow a data based approach to solving social, economic and political problems.

Through projects ranging across various topics like economy, healthcare, infrastructure, digital governance, agriculture etc we will engage interested individuals to work with governments, non-profits, academic institutions and contribute to policy making. We will design programs to track progress of initiatives announced by political parties in their manifesto to create an informed voter base across India. We also support various political parties through our data based approach to actively engage with people.

CLG’s projects will leverage technology and execute individual projects through virtual teams across the globe. We encourage participation from students and professionals across various fields to join and support us in our endeavor to bring a transformative approach to policy making in India.